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Henry Baldwin Ward Medal

Call for Nominations - 2024 Henry Baldwin Ward Medal

Members in good standing who nominate candidates for the Henry Baldwin Ward Medal should carefully determine the eligibility of their candidate according to the eligibility rules listed below. Nominations for the Henry Baldwin Ward Medal should be supported by sufficient documentation to enable the Awards Committee to exercise critical evaluation. At the least, this documentation should consists of:

1) A complete Curriculum Vitae providing a bibliography in which the authors are listed in the same sequence as in the published papers.

2) Three supporting letters, including the original nominating letter. These letters should include a serious evaluation of the major aspects of the nominee's scientific work.


Nominations will close on January 19, 2024.



The recipient shall be a member of the Society for no less than three years at the time of the nomination, be in mid-career, and who, by self-directed investigations, shall have attained a position of leadership in some phase of parasitological research. The field of parasitology is considered to include, in general, those aspects of the science which are represented by reports published in the official organ of the Society, The Journal of Parasitology.



The award consists of travel and accommodation expenses up to $1000, an honorarium, a certificate, and the Ward Medal - a special bronze medal designed by Dr. Justus F. Mueller - presented at the Annual Meeting. The recipient will be expected to deliver a 40-45 minute acceptance speech.


Please submit nominations to:


Henry Baldwin Ward Medal recipients (Also see this link for Ward Medal history)

1959 C. P. Read*                                         2001 D. Marcogliese

1960 R. L. Rausch                                      2002 M. Siddall

1961 E. H. Sadun*                                      2003 J. Barta

1962 J. F. A. Sprent                                     2004 L. A. Durden

1963 L. Jacobs*                                          2005 G. Perez-Ponce de Leon 

1964 E. L. Schiller                                       2008 D. H. Clayton

1965 I. G. Kagan*                                       2009 K. D. Lafferty

1966 M. J. Ulmer*                                       2012 L. Xiao

1967 H. Hoogstraal                                     2013 S. Nadler

1968 R. C. Anderson*                                 2014 K. Jensen

1969 F. Sogandares-Bernal                        2015 J. Hillyer

1971 L. S. Roberts                                      2016 J. Hawdon

1972 J. C. Holmes                                      2017 V. Tkach

1973 G. D. Schmidt*                                   2018 P. Johnson

1974 R. T. Damian                                      2019 M. Bolek                                

1975 R. D. Lumsden*                                  2020 Stephen (Ash) Bullard

1976 J. R. Seed                                          2021 Sarah Bush

1977 G. A. Castro                                       2022 Patrick Hanington

1978 R. Fayer                                             2023 Charles Criscione

1979 J. F. Williams

1980 D. M. Dwyer

1981 D. G. Colley

1982 G. V. Hillyer

1983 W. M. Kemp

1984 P. W. Pappas

1985 D. R. Brooks

1986 W. L. Current

1987 B. M. Christensen

1988 A. D. Befus

1989 P. T. LoVerde

1990 R. B. Grieve

1991 M. E. Scott

1992 E. P. Hoberg

1993 M. L. Adamson

1994 T. P. Yoshino

1995 R. W. Komuniecki

1996 S. J. Upton

1997 M. V. K. Sukhdeo

1998 J. N. Caira

1999 P. J. Hotez

2000 D. S. Lindsay

H.B. Ward (1865-1945) received his Ph.D. degree from Harvard University in 1892.  He worked for the University of Michigan, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and the University of Illinois. Ward's research included work on freshwater biology and parasitology. Ward was the first president of ASP in 1925. 

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