Past ASP Meetings


(1) With American Society of Tropical Medicine; since 1952, American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

(2) With International Coccidosis Conference

(3) With American Institute of Biological Sciences

(4) With Helminthological Society of Washington

(5) With American Microscopical Society

(6) With the International Congress of Parasitology; 1970 (ICOPA-II), 1982 (ICOPA-V), 2002 (ICOPA-X), 2006 (ICOPA-XI)

(7) With Wildlife Disease Associaton

(8) With American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists

(9) With Society of Protozoologists

(10) With Society of Nematologists

(11) With Parasitology Section, Canadian Society of Zoologists

(12) With the Sociedad Mexicana de Parasitologia

(13) With the Annual Quebec Molecular Parasitology Meeting

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