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Historical Note:

In regard to past questions about officer's appointment dates: The Journal of Parasitology (JP): 11(3) reported on the formation of the American Society of Parasitologists. An organizational meeting was held December 30, 1924 at the Washington meetings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. In anticipation of the formation of the society, an organizing committee consisted of R.W. Hegner - chairman, Eloise B. Cram - secretary, B.H. Ransom, and W.W. Cort, who were appointed prior to the meeting. The committee was asked to prepare a tentative constitution and to make nominations for the first slate of officers. Those present at the meeting approved all the committee's nominations for officers to serve in the year 1925. Thus, officer's terms started at the December 1924 organizational meeting.The 1st Annual meeting was held December 1925 after the first official year of the Society's existence. It was reported that there were 321 dues paying, council approved, charter members to the Society in its first year. Until 1942, meetings were traditionally held every December in conjunction with the American Association for the Advancement of Science. JP: 28(6) notified the membership of the postponement of that year's meeting after receiving a request from the Office of Defense Transportation. Due to the war, President H.E. Meleny held office for two years with the approval of Council. Aside from a single symposium held in 1944 when Henry Ewing was President, only Council meetings were held during the years of WWII. The next full annual Society meeting was not held until March 1946. Meetings not held in conjunction with other societies have gradually shifted over the years to the summer months, hence the need to report one year terms overlapping two calendar years.

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Past Officers


Note: The offices of Secretary-Treasurer were separated between 1933-1963.

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