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The R. Barclay McGhee Memorial Lectureship is awarded to honor a scientist in

Barclay's field of research in parasitic protozoology.

This lectureship occurs in odd-numbered years and alternates with the Bueding and von Brand and Stoll-Stunkard  lectureships. The next R. Barclay McGhee Memorial Lectureship will be given in 2023, 2029, and 2035.

The call for Nominations for 2029 will close on January 26, 2029.



The R. Barclay McGhee Memorial Lecture is awarded to honor a scientist in Barclay's field of research, parasitic protozoology. The recipient must have made major research contributions to the biology of parasitic protists. Nominees are not required to be members of the American Society of Parasitologists, and there is no age limit.


This prestigious award is named after a man who has impacted many active and retired parasitologists. Most of his career was at the University of Georgia, where he was the Chairman of the Department of Zoology for 11 years and then became the Chairman of the Faculty of Parasitology until his death. His research dealt with the trypanosomatids in plants and insects, and avian blood parasites. He succeeded in developing a strain of avian Plasmodium that would infect mice. This was novel, as he was trying to examine the factors that limited host specificity. Crossing vertebrate class lines in malaria parasites had not been heard of and is peculiar even today. He was considered a true southern gentleman and strove to help others get their start in academia or in parasitology. Mentoring was a major strength of his. The recipient of this award should reflect this role, as well as be a productive, innovative, and meticulous scientist.



The recipient will present a major address at the Annual Meeting of the Society summarizing his/her research endeavors on parasitic protists. The recipient will receive an honorarium, paid travel and accommodations for the meeting up to $1000, and a commemorative plaque.



Nominations may be received from any member of the ASP and will consist of a primary nomination and a minimum of two seconds. The primary nominator will submit the candidate’s Curriculum Vitae, plus a summary outlining the candidate’s contributions to the field of parasitic protozoology. Those seconding the nomination must submit supporting letters that include a serious evaluation of major aspects of the nominee’s scientific work.

Please submit nominations to:


R. Barclay McGhee Lecturers


1984 W. Trager                             1997 J. P. Dubey

1985 R. Terry                                2000 L. B. Miller

1986 C.C. Wang                           2003 N. Kumar

1987 J. F. A. Sprent                      2009 G. Valkiunas

1990 R. Johnson                          2013 D.W. Duszynski

1991 J. M. Orenstein                    2019 J. Raper

1992 F. A. Sher

1993 J. Oliver

1994 P. Ewald

1995 P. Nansen

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