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The Future of Parasitology

Parasites are here to stay. It is unfortunate that despite our best efforts, parasitologists will not likely, in the foreseeable future. completely rid the world of those species of parasites that cause human disease. But as the tools in our arsenal to control parasites become more powerful, parasitologists employed to fight these diseases will have the satisfaction of making important contributions to the improvement of human health.


Human population growth will exert pressure on agriculture to increase our food supply, and parasitologists will be employed to contribute to this effort, as well as assisting in the emerging field of aquaculture. For those who enter the field of parasitology to answer basic questions in genetics, molecular biology, and other disciplines within the life sciences, parasitology research will continue to offer challenges.


Armed with new research tools, parasitologists have unprecedented opportunities to work at the forefront of scientific endeavor, and have great potential for making exciting new discoveries. The American Society of Parasitologists extends an invitation to those young scholars contemplating careers in parasitology because of their desire to improve the human condition, as well as to those individuals who seek careers in parasitology because of an abiding scientific curiosity.


Our Society offers its assistance to you in establishing a career in parasitology that will provide great rewards and satisfaction.

Written by

William F. Font,

Department of Biological Sciences

Southeastern Louisiana University

Hammond, LA 70402, USA.



A Diversity of Career Options

Because parasitology is such a broad and diverse field, a variety of career options are available. Most parasitologists are attracted to the field because of their scientific curiosity. Parasitology represents a great career for intelligent young people with inquisitive minds, and research opportunities are virtually unlimited. The variety of research areas in basic and applied research, and in fields from the molecular level to the global level, are unsurpassed when compared to any other field of biology.


Many parasitologists are altruists and desire to use their scientific expertise to benefit mankind. Clearly, the myriad of problems that parasites may cause humans provide many opportunities for parasitologists to contribute to the betterment of the human condition.

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