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Stoll-Stunkard Memorial Lectureship

Call for Nominations - 2025 Stoll-Stunkard Lectureship

The Stoll-Stunkard Memorial Lectureship award is to honor someone whose prominence in basic research is evident, and who is not necessarily a parasitologist, but one whose research might enhance investigations on parasites, hence fostering cross-fertilization of ideas and approaches. This lectureship is presented in odd-numbered years and alternates with the Bueding and von Brand and the R. Barclay McGhee lectureships. The next Stoll-Stunkard Lectureship will be given in 2025, 2031, and 2037.


Nominations for 2025 must be submitted with all documentation by January 24, 2025.



Nominees should have significant international recognition for substantial contributions to basic scientific research that has impacted the field of Parasitology. Eligibility is not limited to ASP members.



Nominations will be received from any member of the ASP and will consist of a primary nomination and a minimum of two seconds. The primary nominator will submit the candidate’s Curriculum Vitae, plus a summary outlining the candidate’s contributions to the enhancement of research on parasites. Those seconding a nomination must submit supporting letters that include a serious evaluation of major aspects of the nominee’s scientific work.


The award consists of travel and accommodation expenses up t o $1000, an honorarium, and a plaque presented during the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Parasitologists. The Stoll-Stunkard Memorial Lecturer will be required to give a one hour presentation.

Please submit nominations to: 


Stoll-Stunkard Lecturers

1979 A. J. S. Davies                            1995 P.W. Sternberg

1981 J. S. Remington                          1996 D. M. Bird

1983 S.B. Kater & A.W. Stretton          1998 J. H. McKerrow

1984 H. R. Horvitz                                2000 G. Schad

1985 R. M. May                                    2002 K. Stuart

1986 G. J.Gleich                                  2004 P. Scott

1987 L. E. Hood                                   2006 D. Brooks

1988 P. W. Price                                   2008 D. McKay

1989 B. Ogilvie                                     2010 J. Carlton

1990 L. Miller                                        2013 C. Nathan

1991 D. Halton                                      2019 Andre Buret

1992 E. Skamene

1993 M. Sogin

1994 A. Moller

Horace W. Stunkard received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois.  He worked at the New York University for his entire career.  He published nearly 300 research papers with an emphasis on the biology of parasitic flatworms, especially the life cycle and mode of transmission of anoplocephaline cestodes.  After retirement, Dr. Stunkard continued to work as a research associate for the American Museum of Natural History until his 100th birthday.

Norman R. Stoll received his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University.  He worked for Johns Hopkins University and the Rockefeller Institute.  He authored 142 research papers including his very popular presidential address at the 1946 meeting of ASP, entitled “This Wormy World”.    The focus of Dr. Stoll’s work was on public health aspects of the epidemiology of hookworm infections.

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