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Regional Societies

Midwestern Association of Parasitologists (formerly AMCOP)

AMCOP is a regional affiliate of the American Society of Parasitologists. Our annual conference provides for a gathering of parasitologists and students of parasitology to provide informal discussions of research and teaching in parasitology and the advancement of the best interests of parasitology. This conference is open to all interested persons, regardless of place of work, residence, or affiliation in other recognized societies. 

The Helminthological Society of Washington

HELMSOC, the prototype scientific organization for research in parasitology in North America was founded in 1910 by a devoted group of parasitologists in Washington, D.C. HELMSOC focuses on comparative research, emphasizing taxonomy, systematics, ecology, biogeography and faunal survey inventory.

The HELMSOC Digitial Archive contains includes Proceedings of the Helminthological Society of Washington, Journal of the Helminthological Society of Washington, and Comparative Parasitology, Volumes 1-68 (1934-2001). Individual back issues are available free of charge for download as image-over-text PDF files.

Northern California Parasitologists

The NCP welcomes you. We are a group of scientists and students who are fascinated by parasitic organisms of all kinds. Our group meets twice yearly to listen to new research findings about parasites, and many of these presentations are from graduate and undergraduate students working at universities in Northern California.


New England Association of Parasitologists

NEAP is a dedicated, enthusiastic group of scientists and educators who study biologically interesting and globally important parasites. Our members come from institutions including colleges, universities, museums, and biotechnology/pharmaceutical companies throughout New England. We meet annually to share discoveries and enjoy the company of colleagues.

Rocky Mountain Conference of Parasitologists

RMCP is a regional affiliate of the American Society of Parasitologists where graduate and undergraduate students and their mentors can come together to develop new friendships and share the findings of their research. Each year the RMCP honors its founders by awarding the Datus M. Hammond and the William C. Marquardt prizes to the best presentations given by graduate and undergraduate students.

Southern California Society of Parasitologists

On 25 June 2015, at the one hundred and fifth council meeting of the American Society of Parasitologists, in Omaha, Nebraska,  president Lindsay reported that the previously inactive Southern California Society of Parasitologists had submitted proposed by-laws and a petition to reinstate the society signed by at least 10 active members and was therefore eligible to be considered a regional society.

Southeastern Society of Parasitologists

Is a mix of ecologists, taxonomists, cell biologists, immunoparasitologists, veterinarians, students, and more! Our annual meetings are casual, relaxed, and always interesting. Membership is open to all persons interested in the study of all things related to the fascinating world of parasites. 


Southwestern Association of Parasitologists

Consists of an outstanding group of scientists who share a common interest in the field of parasitology. Members have the opportunity to make contacts with other scientists, and student members are given the the opportunity to present their research in a slightly less formal setting than a national meeting. SWAP members are represented at the ASP's annual Council Meeting, so that their concerns and opinions may be shared with other regional and national societies. 

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