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ASP Membership Information


**PLEASE NOTE: Beginning in 2019, the Journal of Parasitology began publishing online articles continuously throughout the year. At the conclusion of the year, a single printed volume will be produced and

mailed to members and subscribers who have opted to receive a print copy.


Active Member 

   Active Members are those still actively employed in a for-profit or non-profit institution (e.g., university/college, pharmaceutical,         government, industry, etc.).  A 3-year option is also available.

Early Career Member

   This category is for members who are within seven (7) years of having attained their terminal degree.

Student Member

   Discounted membership dues are available for Students.

Associate Membership 

   The Associate membership is intended for scientists in developing countries as defined by the IMF (International Monetary           Fund). A list of qualifying countries may be found HERE. Associate members paying prescribed dues are Members in Good Standing     and enjoy all rights, privileges, and responsibilities of membership.

Retired Member 

   Discounted membership dues are available for members retired from their for-profit or non-profit institutions. A 3-year option is         also available.


Active Non-Subscribing Member

   This option allows spouses and other family members to join at a reduced rate

Sponsored Membership 

   The Sponsored Membership category is intended for members to be able to give the gift of online membership to                     colleagues. A Sponsored Membership may be given as an Active, Student, Early Career, or Associate membership, and can       be for one or three years. Sponsored members having had the prescribed dues paid are Members in Good Standing and           enjoy all rights, privileges, and responsibilities of membership.

All members will automatically receive the online version of the Journal  with their membership.

This is perfect for those with limited shelf space for printed journals.


If you would like to receive the printed copy at the end of the year, there is an additional charge

and you must check the box that says "Print Copy" on the form when you renew.



For those members wanting to contact another ASP member, please go to and log in.

Once you have logged in, click on the Membership DIrectory

to find the member you want to contact.

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