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About Us

Founded in 1924, the American Society of Parasitologists comprises a diverse group of about 700 scientists from academia, industry, and government involved in the study and teaching of the scientific discipline of parasitology.  Society members contribute to the development of parasitology as a discipline, as well as to primary research in behavior, biochemistry, ecology, immunology, medicine, molecular biology, physiology, systematics, and other related fields of science.





The Mission of the American Society of Parasitologists is to constantly improve our understanding of parasites, parasitic diseases, and parasitism on a global basis, and to disseminate this knowledge worldwide. We achieve this mission by providing opportunities for all scientists to publish their original findings in the Society's peer-reviewed scientific journal, the Journal of Parasitology, and to present and discuss new information at the Society's annual meeting, in the ASP's Newsletter, through the ASP's Public Advocacy Network, or in discussion groups on the internet. We educate parasitologists via our Web Page and other educational media produced by the Society. To meet the goal of remaining a strong focus of scientific exchange across the broad discipline of parasitology, ASP actively seeks and supports new research areas and new members, and strives to retain current members, as well as encourage and support the continued existence of highly specialized areas of research in parasitology.



Recognizing that parasitism is the most common form of existence, and that parasites and the diseases they can cause affect the health, development, and evolution of free-living animals and plants, the American Society of Parasitologists seeks to foster the advancement of knowledge in all areas of parasitism. Understanding the value of this knowledge and the responsibility given to the ASP as a result of understanding parasitism, the ASP seeks to disseminate this knowledge to all who have need of it through outreach programs with educational systems, governmental, public, and private agencies, as well as during scientific meetings. To do this, ASP is dedicated to the perpetuation of all areas of the discipline that is parasitology.


Notable members of the society include William C. Campbell, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2015.

The American Society of Parasitologists is supported by 8 regional affiliates.  Learn more here.

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