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Distinguished Members Emeriti and Honorary Members

Distinguished Members Emeriti

Distinguished Members Emeriti are distinguished parasitologists who have retired and who have rendered notable service to the Society for over 20 years.  

  • William C. Campbell

  • Raymond T. Damian

  • J. K. Frenkel

  • Donald Heyneman

  • John C. Holmes

  • Cluff E. Hopla

  • Geoffrey M. Jeffery

  • Kenneth D. Murrell

  • Mary Hanson Pritchard

  • John Richard Seed

  • Lord E. J. L. Soulsby


Honorary Members


Honorary Members are individuals who have attained exceptional distinction in parasitology.

  • David Crompton

  • David W. Halton

  • Vickie Hennings

  • Ed McGawley

  • Donald P. McManus

  • Frantisek Moravec

  • James H. Oliver, Jr.

  • Bridget M. Ogilvie

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