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Parasite Week 2020

By Christina Anaya

The American Society of Parasitologist’s Public Relations committee is sponsoring “Parasite Week 2020” which will be held March 2nd-6th. During this time, we would like to share the fascinating lives of parasites with your classrooms via a Skype interview.

How it works: These sessions last 30-50 minutes and can include general information about parasites, a talk about a specific parasite, or the research the scientist is currently working on, among others. The scientist can do any combination of talking and then a question/answer session. A strategy will be developed by you and the scientist a few days before the event. The week-long nature of this year’s program allows for flexibility of your schedule so that we can meet as many students as possible.

Yes! I want to participate! If you would like to connect your students in the classroom to a parasitologist via Skype, please use the contact information below and submit the days and times you are available, the age group of your class, the number of students to get the ball rolling. Please include the school name and location. Feel free to pass this email to other educators who might be interested in the program. Thank you and we hope to see you during Parasite Week 2020!

Thank you and we hope to see you and your classroom in March!

Public Relations Committee

American Society of Parasitologists


Christina Anaya

canaya (@) nmu (.) edu [remove " (@) " and " (.) " before sending email]

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