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Parasite Hour

Student Representative to ASP Council 2019–2020

Have you been searching for a way to stay connected with our parasitological community during this time of social distancing? If so, look no further! Beginning this June, you can tune in weekly to Parasite Hour–a seminar series in which emerging parasitologists will share their research in the form of virtual oral presentations. Parasite Hour will take place Thursday afternoons from 1–2 PM US central time (2–3 PM US eastern time). The series will premiere on Thursday June 11th and will run for four weeks in total, with the fourth and final session taking place on Thursday July 2nd. Over the course of the series, ten emerging parasitologists will present their findings. Collectively, their research themes range from ecology, epidemiology, and genomics & transcriptomics to host-parasite interactions, life-cycles, and taxonomy & systematics, so there will be something to interest everyone. These parasitologists will present 12-minute talks followed by 3-minute question-and-answer periods during which they will receive feedback and answer questions from those who have tuned in to watch. The series program, weekly reminder flyers, and instructions for how to tune in will be coming to your inbox via the ASP members listserv (members can sign up for the listserv here) so you will always be in the know about what Parasite Hour has in store each week. We hope you will join us on Thursday June 11th for the inaugural session and continue to tune in weekly for what promises to be a spectacular and engaging series. Stay safe and well, ASP!

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