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Happenings at the Helminthological Society of Washington

By Kelly Weinersmith

The Helminthological Society of Washington held our 724th meeting virtually on November 14, 2020. This one day event included synchronous (live) and asynchronous (pre-recorded) talks, and we were thrilled to have broad participation (including folks from other ASP regional societies, and folks joining us internationally).

Members of the Executive committee learn how Zoom's whiteboard feature works.

We received positive feedback on the format, and are considering including one virtual event each year so we can keep in touch with non-local parasitologists. We strive to provide a friendly environment in which students can present, and hope that future virtual conferences will expand the opportunities for parasitology students to present their work.

Traditionally, all attendees at a HelmSoc event sign our “green book”. In lieu of in-person signing, we all signed a virtual whiteboard. This gave us all the opportunity to be a bit more creative, and a bit sillier than usual. On this page you’ll find our silly trial run, and our official attendance sheet.

Many thanks to Dr. Anne Vardo-Zalik for organizing this event.

The official attendance sheet for HelmSoc's 724th Meeting.

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