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A Thank You Note

By Dennis Minchella

In 2018, ASP selected me to receive the Distinguished Service Award. I thank you for this honor. Last July, in the interest of facilitating an efficient business meeting, I felt that a quick thank you and wave to the audience was enough. Since then, I realize that I would like to express a few words of thanks to the Society and to:

  • Julian Hillyer, Janine Caira, John Janovy Jr,. and Jillian Detwiler for nominating me for this prestigious award

  • Phil LoVerde for taking me into his lab as a graduate student because he (in his words) “needed someone in the lab who could reach the top shelf” and for demonstrating a passion for science

  • Chris Bayne, Fred Lewis, Sam Loker, Charles Richards, and Tim Yoshino for welcoming me into the field of schistosome-snail interactions

  • George Cain, Jerry Esch, John Holmes, Armand Kuris, and Peter Price for taking an interest in my early ideas in ecological parasitology and encouraging me to explore them

  • My colleagues and students for turning those ideas and many more into viable contributions in the field of parasitology

  • John Janovy for guiding me through my presidential duties when Hurricane Dennis hit Mobile, Alabama during our annual meeting

  • Committee chairpersons and officers who put up with my many requests and suggestions during the years as secretary-treasurer

And finally,

  • ·The membership of both AMCOP and ASP for supporting and trusting me and for allowing me to serve our great organizations

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