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Each year the ASP gives several awards at the Annual Meeting. It is important that the committees involved receive nominations and supporting materials early in the annual meeting cycle to be able to process the materials in a timely manner. The awards listed below are those for which selection committees have been established for 2021. Nominations and supporting materials should be submitted to the respective chairs of these committees. Information concerning the awards is also available at (under the Awards link).

2021 Henry Baldwin Ward Award

Nominations will close on January 22, 2021.

Eligibility: The recipient shall be a member of the Society for no less than three years at the time of the nomination, be in mid-career, and who, by self-directed investigations, will have attained a position of leadership in some phase of parasitological research. The field of parasitology is considered to include, in general, those aspects of the science which are represented by reports published in the official organ of the Society, The Journal of Parasitology.

Award: The award consists of travel and accommodation expenses up to $1500, a $500 honorarium, a certificate, and the bronze Ward Medal presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society. The recipient will be expected to deliver a 45 minute acceptance speech.

(1) Members in good standing who nominate candidates for the Henry Baldwin Ward Medal should carefully determine the eligibility of their candidate according to the above eligibility rules.

(2) Nominations for the Henry Baldwin Ward Medal should be supported by adequate documentation to enable the Awards Committee to exercise critical evaluation. At the least, this documentation should consist of: (a) a complete curriculum vitae providing a bibliography in which the authors are listed in the same sequence as in the published papers, and (b) three supporting letters, including the original nominating letter. These letters should include a serious evaluation of the major aspects of the nominee's scientific work.

2021 Ashton Cuckler New Investigator Award

Nominations will close January 22, 2021.

Eligibility: The award is given to a new investigator who has, within the last two years, been awarded a Master or Doctoral degree in the field of Parasitology. Selection will be based upon the body of research accomplished during the candidate's graduate studies. This "body of research" will be documented through: a) peer-reviewed journal or book publications directly related to research conducted in pursuit of and contained in the accepted graduate student thesis or dissertation, b) other peer-reviewed journal publications unrelated to the primary thesis or dissertation work, but derived from research conducted as a graduate student, c) papers and/or posters presented at scientific meetings as a graduate student, d) any outside recognition of research excellence which may include, but not be restricted to, best student paper awards, dissertation improvement grants, student-initiated research grant support, and the like.

Award: The award will consist of travel and accommodation expenses up to $1500, a $500 cash award, and a plaque to be presented during the Annual Meeting of the Society.

Nominations: Nominations must be made within two years following awarding of the Master or Doctoral degree, and the nominee must be a member of the ASP at the time the award is made. Required documentation for award consideration should include:

a) A nominating letter by the student's graduate advisor critically evaluating the quality and significance of the student's research. (Note: the advisor must be a member of ASP at the time of nomination.)

b) Two letters of support from noted authorities outside of the nominee's institution commenting on the significance of the body of research accomplishments. The advisor will submit the name of one evaluator and the second will be chosen by the Awards Committee.

c) The nominee will provide the following documentation: i) letter providing a self-evaluation of research accomplishments; ii) thesis/dissertation abstract (two page limit); iii) curriculum vitae; and iv) reprints or copies of all research publications (published or in press).

2021 Distinguished Service Award

Please submit nominations to: Dr. Sara Brant, Department of Biology MSC 03-2020, 1 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001. Email: sbrant (@) unm (.) edu (remove " ( ) " from around @ and . before sending email)

Nominations will close January 22, 2021.


Selection criteria: In choosing the awardee, the collective criteria for determining service contributions may include: (a) longevity as an active ASP member as evidenced by continuous membership and regular attendance at annual meetings; (b) active participation on ASP committees; (c) exceptional service in positions of leadership within the Society (officer, committee chairs, etc.); or exceptional leadership in promoting parasitology through active participation in regional parasitology societies or in the awardee's geographical area, or both.


The award consists of travel and accommodation expenses up to $1000 and an engraved plaque at the Annual Meeting.


Required documentation for the Distinguished Service Award nomination will include: (a) nomination letter summarizing the nominee's qualifications for distinguished service recognition; (b) two additional supporting letters; (c) updated Curriculum Vitae of the candidate with an appended detailed description of the candidate's contribution to ASP, to the field of parasitology, or both.

2021 Bueding and von Brand Lectureship

Please submit nominations to: Dr. Derek McKay, University of Calgary, Department of Physiology & Pharmacology, HSC 1877, 3330 Hospital Dr NW, Calgary, AB T2N 4N1 Canada. Email: dmckay (@) ucalgary (.) ca (remove " ( ) " from around @ and . before sending email)

Nominations will close on January 22, 2021.

Eligibility:The recipient must have made major research contributions to the field of biochemistry, molecular biology, and/or pharmacology of parasitic helminths. Nominees are not required to be members of the American Society of Parasitologists and there is no age limit.

Award: The recipient will present a major address at the Annual Meeting of the Society summarizing his/her research endeavors on biochemistry, molecular biology, and/or pharmacology of parasitic helminths. The recipient will receive an honorarium and a commemorative plaque, plus paid travel and accommodations up to $1000 to attend the meeting.

Nomination: Nominations may be received from any member of the ASP and will consist of a primary nomination and a minimum of two seconds to the nomination. The primary nominator will submit the candidate’s Curriculum Vitae, plus a summary outlining the candidate’s contributions. Those seconding a nomination must submit supporting letters that include a serious evaluation of major aspects of the nominee’s scientific work.

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