Annual FR3 Minicourse

June 19-23, University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine
FR3 Minicourse

The 2017 FR3 Minicourse will take place June 19-23, on the campus of University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine.  More information on the Minicourse can be found HERE.

The minicourse is FREE OF CHARGE.  Participants are responsible for funding their own travel, food and lodging, and are encouraged to bring their own laptop.    

The FR3 offers a free, hands-on minicourse to introduce students, postdocs, PIs, university professors, and industry representatives to organismal and molecular techniques commonly used in filariasis research.  Lectures are given daily and include topics related to vector and nematode biology, experimental models of filarial disease, FR3 molecular and parasite resources, molecular data analysis and reporting, bioinformatics, and pathogenesis and control of filarial diseases. Daily hands-on lab exercises involve vector propagation, filarial nucleic acid purification and characterization, RT-PCR, isolation of filarial life cycle stages from vertebrate and invertebrate hosts, and host animal handling.  The week-long minicourse is held at University of Georgia (Athens, GA), and is taught by FR3 personnel and filariasis researchers.  It is a great way to learn filarial biology, ask lots of questions, and network with leading filariasis researchers. 

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